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Our Community Calendar is a place for all relevent jams, sessions, dances, sings, festivals and folk events. The Owner and Moderators of this Tri-City Trad calendar reserve the right to remove events that aren't relevent to our mission, and place the information on an "Other Events" page. We have posted standard US holidays on this calendar to aid in scheduling.

Tue. 10/31 All day Halloween
Sat. 11/11 All day Veterans Day
Sun. 12/24 All day Christmas Eve
Mon. 12/25 All day Christmas Day
Sun. 12/31 All day New Years Eve
Mon. 1/1 All day New Years Day
Fri. 2/2 All day Groundhog Day
Wed. 2/14 All day Valentines Day
Sat. 3/17 All day St. Patricks Day
Sun. 4/1 All day April Fools Day
Sun. 4/22 All day Earth Day
Sat. 5/5 All day Cinco De Mayo
Thu. 6/14 All day Flag Day
Wed. 7/4 All day Independence Day
Mon. 9/3
Thu. 9/6
All day The Pickin' n Singin' Gatherin's LAST GASP From Betsy Fry, Jack Kilrain, and the PSG board; We have found a new place for the Last Gasp 5 miles from the old place. It's called Camp Woodhaven. The board voted to go ahead and reserve it for us for Labo... more
Tue. 9/11 All day Patriot Day
Wed. 10/31 All day Halloween
Sun. 11/11 All day Veterans Day
Mon. 12/24 All day Christmas Eve
Tue. 12/25 All day Christmas Day
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